What you expects

Trend Collection 2018
… as blood in the Manufaktur¬†

Emotions come to a head during the Christmas period. The Trend Collection 2018 therefore leads you into fi ve different emotional realms that appeal to all the senses. The spectrum spans all the way from the magic of Russian winter to exotic worlds and poetically playful idyll.

… New Look

Be HAPPY, a cheerful classic theme in red and white, Be COOL, a clear look with Arctic colours and Be BOHO, a trendy retro theme: With these three themes, the new line Cult by KREBS & SOHN makes its debut. The Cult line appeals to a target group in the mid-price segment and thus usefully complements the established premium segment. The idea behind Cult: Trendy, affordable collections with design from Germany, presented in complete packages, which contain a mix of plain-coloured and decorated balls for the respective theme.