KREBS & SOHN Trend Collection

Fabulous, romatic, glittering or modern.
Every person has his individual ideas of a perfect Christmas decoration.



Be HAPPY, a cheerful classic theme in red and white, Be COOL, a clear look with Arctic colours and Be BOHO, a trendy retro theme.



The year 2016 was an exciting year. A lot of things changed und the future is a big challenge.
But there are still consistent traditions, delighting men.

Look forward to something special und let yourself inspire by our new collection.

Pure elegance, sleek design is a highlight ...
Your team of KREBS & SOHN


We presented our new CULT collection at KULT Store in Hamburg.


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Our basic themes

KREBS & SOHN stands for exclusive Christmas tree decorations with trendy and traditional glass baubles.

The original KREBS & SOHN Christmas tree balls can be recognised by the elaborate design and the high quality of the protected crown.
Christmas balls by KREBS & SOHN are of high quality, exclusive and modern.


A round thing with Eye-catching guarantee!

You are looking for a exceptional advertising material or an unique decoration?

You require a new incentive item? You are searching for a different product which assures you to get noticed and stand out from the crowd!
More information ...

We take your idea as a basis for your logo ball.
Minimum order quantity: 250 pcs.
Three different bauble sizes (6 cm, 7 cm, 8 cm)
Different Packing possibilities
More than 30 different bauble colours for your choice

Every artwork is achievable
From the one-colour logo to a 5-colour picture
Online computer simulation of bauble prepared free of charge.
Finest quality of the baubles
Large Capacity possibilities

The Christmas pickle

Mythos or truth? Legend or history?

Nobody knows exactly, where this custom comes from, to hang glass tree decoration in the shape of a pickle on the Christmas tree. Anyway, in the USA, the “German Christmas Pickle” is cult, and one is absolutely convinced that it is an old German tradition.
In fact, old pickle shapes which date back around 1900, occasionally appear at Thuringian and Bavarian glassblowers. Historians try to prove that the first glass tree decoration, which was created in the middle of the 19th century, included fruit and vegetables, and possibly also the pickled cucumber was among them, which then came to America with emigrants. Another attempt of an explanation says that in former times, the families were too poor to give a present to every child at Christmas. So one placed a pickle on the tree, and the first child who found the pickle received present.

Acting sustainably

Sustainability is an essential component of our corporate culture.

Renewable energies
Since the end of 2010 we have been employing solar power generated from the photovoltaic systems on our hall roofs. This enables us to generate roughly 40 percent of our energy requirement from renewable sources and save some 840 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year.

Transparency and responsibility
When producing our high-quality Christmas tree glass decorations and other products we rely on raw materials and packaging materials that have been carefully selected by our development department. Materials are meticulously scrutinised for aspects of safety, sustainability, and quality.